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Author: Sara Crow

Illustrator: Adam Record

Data: Doubleday Books for Young Readers, $16.99; ages 3 to 5

It is a treat when someone publishes a book for the first time and it is a winner. That means there is something to look forward to as the author continues to publish.

Such is the case with “Even Superheroes Need to Sleep.” It is author Sara Crow’s first title for the toddler set. Parent whose children are reluctant to settle down at bedtime can do so with the help of this rhyming charmer.

It is sweet and short and offers a reassuring message: Little ones who go to the Land of Nod are not missing anything because “even superheroes have to sleep.” And they are not the only ones.

“Fixing owies big and small, broken bones from brother brawls, giving every patient their best, even doctors have to rest.”

“Catching stars up in space, discovering Earth is the coolest place, searching for aliens off the map, even astronauts have to nap.”

“Tiaras, castles and sparkly gems, picking flowers at the stems, praining to one day become the queen, even princesses have to dream.”

The message of the simple book is clear: It cannot be too bad to have to go to bed at night if everyone — even pirates, police officers and scientists have to drift off at some time or the other.

Need more convincing? Well, the toddler at your house who asks for one more glass or water every night at bedtime might.

“Giddyup on a big strong horse. Spurs and bandanas are a must, of course. A day in the saddle is hard on the back. Even cowboys have to hit the sack.”

With this cavalcade of characters hitting the hay, saying goodnight might not seem like such a hard thing to do for the little ones who tend to fight bedtime at all costs. There is nothing like a well-written book to do a little convincing. This one fits the bill. Parents who have been searching for alternatives or additions to “How Do Dinosaurs say Good Night?” and other classic favorites can add this title to the list of must-haves for time-to-go-night-night reading.

The book comes with a stickers and a sleep reward chart too, if parents feel like the “it’s-time-to go-to-sleep-now” message is not getting across with just a reading of the book. The chart helps reinforce good bedtime habits each night with stickers that correlate with going to the bathroom, putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, and of course, reading a book.

Happy reading and sweet dreams to all the toddlers who will learn that even superheroes, cowboys, princesses and astronauts have to sleep, too.

Parents who have a hard time getting little ones to do down for a nap could use this book at naptime, too. Sleep is sleep after all. Save the stickers for bedtime rituals.

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