Reading my messed up dream book – ASMR

Hello everyone, in this weeks video I thought it would be fun to read you all some entries from my personal dream journal. In this video you will hear mostly the sounds of me whispering, as well as a bird outside my window, and of course ft. the sounds of my possessed laptop.
I hope you all enjoy, let me know any videos you would like to see in the future!

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19 replies
  1. mint
    mint says:

    I had a dream once where I bumped into one of my old students, and remembered she gave a great presentation in my class, so I had her give it to my class. She got confused and forgot a lot of it, so I tried to help her remember with a french memory technique where you twist your nipples, but she ran off. really bizarre

  2. Jeffrey Dumas
    Jeffrey Dumas says:

    Here's my dream: I was at college with a girlfriend I was fighting with; I'm staring at her and I realize I am looking at her through a screen. The screen is actually the eye-holes of a huge bear suit that I'm in. The suit takes off. I fly over a baseball field where they're having night game all lit up and there are 100's of baseballs flying all over the place. I land in the field, get out of the suit and walk into a shack. The shack has a winding dream stairway that goes up. At the top of the stairs is a door and it leads into my bedroom. I lay down on my bed and watch myself in the mirror across the room. There are these things floating around the room and one hits me in the head and melts my face off.

  3. cam3lopard
    cam3lopard says:

    I have recurring dreams/nightmares of earthquakes ( i live in an old 4-story building) where i do my best to cheat death. I sometimes managed to escape the falling buildings around me only to die to the "tsunami" (i also live near a higher-than ground-level lake with shabby embankment). Other times the earthquake is followed by a zombie apocalypse?!

    Another recurring theme is fighting wild animals alongside my dog (she sometimes runs away or gets distracted by shiny things) with mostly bad endings. I vividly remember the one where we were stalked by hyenas on top of houses… i alt-f4-ed out of that asap. A dream journal sounds interesting, the next morning you remember them so well but 24h later and it's mostly a blank.

    Again not enough cleavage. I suppose repeating this one more time will count as sexual harassment. Especially if i threaten with unsubscribing.

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