SCP-1230 A Hero is Born | Object class safe | Book SCP | Dream SCP | sleep scp |

SCP-1230 is an unlabeled, green hardcover book with no apparent exceptional qualities. When SCP-1230 is opened, it displays the phrase “A hero is born” on the first page viewed, while all other pages will be blank, “resetting” once the book is closed.

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“Teller of the Tales” – Kevin MacLeod (
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35 replies
  1. Odin Knowledge Seeker
    Odin Knowledge Seeker says:

    If I had this book I would treasure it above all most anything else and I would share it with those I trust… and I would share it with my lover so that we may experience the twisting shapes of our dreams and adventure through our minds on adventures that I can at this point barely dream of… perhaps I will write another poem…

  2. Russell
    Russell says:

    OK I am brand new to SCPs I discorvered them about last month… or so.. maybe two months ago… anyways. I had my first SCP nightmare about two or three weeks ago. It was related to my current job working at an egg farm… I kinda think about the gigantic egg inspection machine as an scp… It aint.. its just a machine and I understand that. but still it seperates millions of eggs. Anyways…. I was stuck at work and wanted to leave… coworkers wanted me to stay… And when im done im done. Fuck work. I work hard and play hard. But I could not leave… the coworkers insisted that I stay much to my fuck you.

    I tried leaving but the surroundings kept changeing. after awile One co worker I like said fuck this im out… and I asked. He is leaving why cant I… they said we need a sacrifice. At which point I bolted. I began looking for exits. But I couldnt find one. Every time I turned back the sceenery /surroundings changed. I observed that if if looked somewhere else and then looked back everything changed. Makeing escape difficult. forward motion only.

    I woke up feeling refereshed… I only got like 3 hours sleep but I felt energixed and ready for another boring day packing eggs…..I dislike my job but it does pay well , is accepting of needed time off, and gives me evening off….. It was a weird dream/nightmare.

  3. The Dark Weapon
    The Dark Weapon says:

    This is quite possibly the most beautiful SCP ever, the doctor Teddy Bear and this are the most heartwarming SCP files I've ever heards from you Eastside. I would search the world over 100 times if this was real, I want it more than anything.

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