Start Where You Are Standing – How to Be Successful and Happy Now

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m going to do that when —- happens.” “I’ll be able to do that when I have —– amount of money.” “As soon as I finish —– I’ll start to do ——.”

What you probably don’t hear yourself saying is, “If I wait another day to begin my dream of ——, I may not have the good health, family support, and/or love of friends which I now I enjoy, to enable me to accomplish ———. I must not delay another day!”

Do you see the difference?

They key factor in getting your dreams, your goals accomplished, is starting in some way, large or small, right now where you stand. You must begin by beginning.

The goal you can control is to create motion in this moment. Make tangible the thoughts you envision, and your actions will provide all the momentum you need to give your inspirations life.

Here are six simple success tips, you can do right now where you stand.:

1. Write down your dream / goal.

2. List three steps you will need to complete to achieve this dream/goal.

3. Identify a mentor who has already accomplished this goal, or something similar to your goal.

4, Listen to one radio interview, or read one ezine with this mentor.

5. Make one phone call, or send one email/letter to accomplish one step in point #2.

6. Keep repeating.

You can literally do all six of these steps in under one hour, and never leave your house!

None of us is promised tomorrow. Don’t risk the opportunity to taste your delight. The time is now.

Surrender your illusion “—-” is required to begin. Accept starting where you are already standing, is the very first step towards touching your dream… Today.

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