Storage Wars My Comic Book DREAM / NIGHTMARE Too Many Books Marvel DC

Follow Rene and Casey Nezhoda from A&E’s Hit Show Storage Wars as they Share their Lives with you.

In this Video we will show you how we Process the comic books and what is taking time. There are just to many books and we have to many projects. Leave us some comments with tips and let us know if you see any good books.

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38 replies
  1. Mansour Djedaini
    Mansour Djedaini says:

    take the mining rig. unmount the cards, get them checked and sell them 400$/piece for a quick sale, you might get few hundreds more for the rest of the rig, mining is not profitable anymore at this scale so graphic card prices will go down soon (they are already).

  2. David Gilbert
    David Gilbert says:

    Dude I think you need to rest. Even power-napping. Do you think you should wear gloves while handling the comics ? I worked in a lab and we discovered that the protein on the hands could ruin blood test outcomes
    Just a thought. Peace Love Happiness RRR

  3. Samantha W
    Samantha W says:

    Please tell your wife she is a thickie and so frigging sweet by thickie I mean beautiful in all the right places. Oh and she's so knowledgeable. Great lady you have there. Love your channel, keep up the good work.

  4. MrSaddie123
    MrSaddie123 says:

    Thanks for showing bubba, you might be better off hiring an expert to more quickly filter the common stuff, has to be draining researching that amount of volume?! Always enjoy friend, hope to see some more day in the life stuff.

  5. David Ross
    David Ross says:

    Rene here some friendly advise DONT SELL A BOOK!!!keep them all it will only go up in price.comic boks are very very hot now.Especially with the movies that keep ,on coming out.Check out GPA for latest realized prices on CGC books

  6. ppyro
    ppyro says:

    Dealers are everywhere the same.. in Holland the same story! when we open, we use a separate area with extra staff. And a maximum of articles they can take at once. When you keep the amount lowe, everybody has a even chance of buying the best stuff..
    I just discovered your channel, and I am surprised how much time you put in it!! Just for us viewers!! groeten from Holland

  7. Edwin TNT
    Edwin TNT says:

    19:27 ……$70 below superman
    23:52……… around $50…..all strange tales you got there you just show get that much

    serious nuts wonder woman comic silver age and gold age…..u better put in safety locker or i got there make it as toilet paper
    24:51………$3000 below…ebay
    24:56……….$700 below…..ebay
    25:02……….$600 below….ebay
    25:13……….$2000 below…… ebay

    hope all wonder woman comic better put in safety locker……i mean it seriously….silver age or gold age worth range $200 – $2000

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