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A lot of people dream of publishing a book at some point in their lives. Tarah Agathe Valin, 17, a senior at Foxborough Regional Charter School, has already reached that milestone.

Valin, of Brockton, published her first poetry book “Wilting Daisies” in February. It’s available on amazon.com and has already sold 80 copies.

“I began writing poetry in the fifth grade when my English teacher, Ms. Sheer, made us keep writer’s notebooks,” said Valin, who is enrolling in the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in September. “We could write anything we wanted as long as we wrote something and I tried poetry and I just fell in love.”

Valin’s influences are all the poets who have come before her.

“I strive to be half as influential and amazing as they were. They influence me because their poems make people feel something and that’s all I want to do, make someone feel something,” she said.

Valin also loves reading books. Her favorite authors are John Green and Cassandra Clare, because she loves how engaging their plots are and how lovable their characters are.

Besides writing, Valin sees her future as an open book.

“My dream is to travel as much as possible and make as much of a difference as I can. I know I’m just one person so I don’t have any wild crazy dreams like cracking the code to achieving world peace or anything, but whatever little thing I can do to better the lives of a few people is enough for me,” she said.

Valin describes her writing goal is to never stop writing.

After publishing her first book at age 17, Valin said she is still in shock.

“I’m still a little shy about the book and the poems but I am so grateful to everyone who helped me through the process and everyone who bought the book,” she said.

Valin said she has a group of friends who serve as her marketing team.

Valin credits Rebecca Liebal, an English teacher who is Valin’s advisor, and her friends Elissa Cano, and Radjaminah St-Cyr for being the biggest motivators and cheerleaders.

“The only reason why publishing ‘Wilting Daisies’ was possible is that those three really believed in me. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am for them and for all my friends and family (specifically my cousins),” she said.

Valin encourages young authors to follow her footsteps.

“You need to do it. If writing is what you love, then you need to write!”

To learn more about the author, Taraha Valin, Visit her web site tarebearthewriter.wordpress.com. Her book can be purchased at amazon by searching “Wilting Daisies.”

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