Review and rambly discussion on Maggive Stiefvater’s The Dream Thieves. Thanks for watching!

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22 replies
  1. Tasha Paula
    Tasha Paula says:

    I don’t think Kavinsky was a bad person. He got obsessed with power and could’ve been made redeemable in later books. He was just a kid and didn't know how to handle this much power. I get why he died but at the same time I feel he didn't have to. I kind of read the book like he and Ronan were going to be together bc it seemed obvious to me he liked Ronan (although after Blue Lily Lily Blue I ship Ronan and Adam)

  2. Jayme
    Jayme says:

    I had a hard time reading the 1st book like you. Just the way she writes is hard to read for me. There was the audio book at my library and I got that for the last half of the 1st book and this one. I really loved Will Patton reading it to me. I am not one that likes audio books at all, but this one worked for me. It made the books better. With The Raven King coming out soon, maybe give it a try.

  3. Aunt Jemima I'm Sweatin
    Aunt Jemima I'm Sweatin says:

    Everyone keeps talking about how Ronan and Adam were gonna be a thing but I didn't really see it in this book if anyone could help??

    Also, are we gonna ignore the fact that Ronan sent Gansey a picture of his actual penis??? While he was having tea with old ladies???

  4. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    I was so tired when I was reading the last hundred pages but I was determined to finish the book, and the whole dragon/Ronan's dream monster fight was so confusing to my half awake brain xD

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