The forgotten Dream – Documentary

This documentary is about the Book of Daniel.

Is very Interesting, thanks to Amazing Facts TV: , there I record this on the livestream.

Look also please on this website: There you find a lot information and is possible to buy books and DVD`s.

Be blessed with this video!

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6 replies
  1. Gary Arthurs
    Gary Arthurs says:

    6:45 to 6:55 seems in error as it is stated Neb. could not remember his dream. Daniel 2:9 appears to state otherwise. Knowing the dream (but not the interpretation) appears to be the criteria by which Neb. evaluated the interpreter. Would be very interested to hear any comments on this.

  2. Gary Arthurs
    Gary Arthurs says:

    what is the basis for making the statement in 7:23 to 7:29 ? Where is it stated that Neb could not remember the details of his dream? Daniel 2:9 seems to state the opposite. He knew the dream and used his knowledge of the dream versus someone else's to evaluate their knowledge and thus their interpretation.

  3. Gary Arthurs
    Gary Arthurs says:

    9:19 to 9:34 asserts we don't have an explanation as to why Daniel was not called with the rest of the officials to interpret the dream Daniel 2:2. Daniel 1:5 seems to give a simple explanation for this. Daniel was still in his initial 3 years of education and had not been called into the King's service. Daniel 2:1 states it is Neb's 2nd year to reign.Well, if is only is his second year of reigning then apparently there has not been a 3rd year of anything, i.e. Daniel's training or anything else. Why would it be said we just don't know. The above seems to at least give some ideas if not an explanation. Comments?

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