The Inside Secrets of Scientific Dream Interpretation – Universal Symbols

If you desire to learn about the real meaning of your dreams, you have to learn to interpret them using the scientifically proven method that cures your psyche, helps you develop your conscience and become much more intelligent, calm, balanced, wise and happy.

The scientific method is based on the observation and comparison of many symbols that not only feature in dreams but also in religious and artistic manifestations throughout human history. The translation found is accurate, it is not a product of our imagination or a personal conclusion.

For example, in my book *”The Philanthropic Beggar” (Written in Portuguese (Brazil) when I was 16 – 22 years old – never published) there was a rock that was the beggar’s enemy. I wrote this book after a terrible car accident that made me lose my faith in the existence of God. I became an atheist and I was very aggressive and sarcastic with everyone. In the book, the beggar is the central character and he wants to bring abundance, peace and happiness to Earth. However, his worst enemy is a rock that lived in the clouds, which was always stopping him.

I, the writer, had no idea about the symbolic meanings of this story when I wrote it guided by the inspiration of the unconscious, which not only produces our dreams but also gives us artistic inspiration, a philosophical attitude and religiosity.

I considered the rock evil and I thought that the beggar was right; however, when I analyzed the symbolic meaning of this story many years later, I had to conclude that the rock was good and the beggar was wrong because the rock symbolized the truth whereas the beggar represented human misery.

Later in the story, the beggar discovers that it would be impossible to solve all the problems in the human society because of hatred. The absence of love in human hearts is responsible for human suffering. Only when love is found in all human hearts will everyone on Earth be happy; however, hate is a poison that prevents love from existing and allows the invisible war to ensue among all human beings.

When you learn how to interpret the meaning of dreams, you will understand the meaning of universal symbolism that is found in art, religion, mythology, philosophy, and even in your daily life. This is a knowledge that gives you precious information: it shows you the other side of reality, which is ignored by your conscience.

In the above example, you can understand how knowing the symbolic meaning of the text helped me understand that the real reason why humans are always fighting and poverty, immorality and violence characterize our world is not the lack of food and material possessions that can put an end to all the existent conflicts by giving everyone the basic conditions of life and everything they want. The reason there is so much suffering in our world is hatred. If we loved each other we would care for everyone’s happiness just as we care for our own.

As you can see, the logic present in the symbols is totally different of the logic of common human mentality. When we decipher the mysterious meaning of each symbol, we understand the deeper reasons for each problem. On the other hand, we think on another level based on our own logic and ignorance, which is why we cannot see the real reasons that cause each problem.

The inside secrets of scientific dream interpretation will help you understand the underlying secret meanings. You will learn how to understand the truth about anything that interests you by observing the meaning of the symbols that appear in your daily reality and everywhere else.

For example, when you observe a drawing according to the psychological interpretation of the symbolism, you will understand the meaning behind what the obvious is and will detect a fault or a mistake in the artist’s behavior. If you are the artist, you can learn a lot about your psychological problems by interpreting your drawings just as you interpret your dreams.

Let’s assume that you are going to travel somewhere and see the different places in a foreign country. When you examine the history of the country and the several objects that are sold as souvenirs for tourists, you’ll know what to choose for your house, which will have a good effect and bring you good luck and good disposition.

The symbolic language is like any language made with words; however, it is universal. The same is the case with music notes, which are always the same everywhere. The language of music is universal just like the symbolic language of images and objects. After learning the basics, you’ll see all the other places you can apply this knowledge, how helpful it can be and how much wiser you become with it.

*More information about the symbolic meaning of this book in the Free Report “Craziness and Logic”.

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