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Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott
Andrew Federman

With four hit shows on HGTV, a rabid social media following and, now, a new book, twins Drew and Jonathan Scott are on top of the world.

The real estate and renovation heartthrobs celebrated the launch of Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House on April 20 at a fête hosted by HGTV Magazine at the Hearst Tower in New York.

PEOPLE caught up with the duo, 37, about design advice, third-wheeling on dates and their surprising foray into country music.

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What do you hope readers get out of this book?

J: We’ve amassed this bunch of knowledge over the last 20 years — because we’ve been doing real estate for almost 20 years — and especially with the shows and the feedback from fans and problems that they’ve had, we listened to them, and we wanted to take all of that information to make a comprehensive guide that no matter what the problem is someone was facing, this book gets them to ask the questions they need to ask themselves, or else they’re just throwing money away.

D: It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying, selling, renovating or whether you even own — you just rent an apartment, condo or house, and you just want to make it feel more like home instead of a rental: We show cost-effective ways of doing that or working with your landlord to be able to get more of that dream home feel.

J: And there’s fun stuff, too — there’s a lot about our story and how we got started and the brotherly banter and whatnot. But there’s also funny things like decoding realtor speak, so there’s a whole thing that breaks down if you’re reading a listing, some of the code words that real estate agents use that are actually not anything. Like, “artistic home” means “there’s some weird s— going on in here.”

D: Or, if they say, like, “Oh, this home boasts natural landscaping,” that means they did nothing outside.

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You released two country songs recently — do you plan on making more music?

D: When we were shooting Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch, this is a renovation of a family friend’s ranch back where we grew. That was fun to go back to our roots, to do something for some family friends. We grew up on a ranch, we’re cowboy kids, and we used to just sing around the campfire singing songs; my dad and I played the guitar. So we recorded these two songs as a tribute to how we grew up, we had no idea that they would hit so well and hold on—it Billboard charted! It’s amazing to us that everyone’s loved the songs so much, so we’ll probably do more.

J: Which actually makes more sense. I’ve been told from Drew over and over again that the sawdust, which I call “man-glitter,” is causing this (gestures at face) to prematurely age, so I need to get to radio as soon as possible.

D: That face needs to go to radio.

You guys are always together: You work together, you live together, you have TV shows together: How haven’t you gotten sick of each other yet?

J: We actually have a no-BS policy, so if there’s something that’s bugging us, we just get it out and deal with it so it doesn’t turn into more than it has to be. I think the only thing that annoys Drew his girlfriend Linda [Phan], is that I’m third-wheeling all their dates.

D: I have photos of him like third-wheeling on our movie dates and stuff like that.

J: Maybe they’re second- and third-wheeling on me!

D: Last year, I set up an interview with Steve Harvey on his show. He thought it was just an interview — tips on something, real estate — but in the middle of it, Steve Harvey says to Jonathan: “Okay, this isn’t why you’re here Jonathan.”

J: Live on the air.

D: “Drew and Linda are sick and tired of you third-wheeling.” So Steve Harvey moves a wall, and there are three eligible bachelorettes ready to go.

J: Awkward!

D: And the cruise [we took with fans recently]: there were 2,000 fans on that ship, and if you look at the stats of the ship, it was probably 2,000 eligible bachelorettes that were trying to get a date with Jonathan.

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You’ve got all the shows, music, now a book — what’s next?

D: We’re actually producing a lot more comedy content, collaborations with other talent. We have friends like actor-comedian J.B. Smoove, we just did one with Gilbert Godfrey —  whole random array.

—Jeff Nelson

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