‘The Winds of Winter’ release date news 2016: Book at proofreading stage; ‘A Dream of Spring’ to be published … – Christian Daily

Followers of George R.R. Martin’s popular epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” have been waiting for years to see the release of the series’ sixth novel, “The Winds of Winter.” Though many were hoping that the missing “A Song of Ice and Fire” installment would see publication before HBO’s television adaptation “Game of Thrones” reach its sixth season and catch up to the books, “The Winds of Winter” failed to release before the season 6 premiere.

(Reuters/Denis Balibouse)The famous author of the best-selling saga ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ George R.R. Martin, in Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) back in July 10, 2014. The book saga is where ‘Game of Thrones’ was based.

Luckily, new reports indicate that Martin is trying his best to have the book published before “Game of Thrones” begins its seventh season.

According to a report by Game N Guide, Martin’s sixth “A Song of Ice and Fire” installment has already begun undergoing proofreading, a sign that the book would finally be able to see publication sometime in 2017. Not only that but the site also reports that word has begun spreading that Martin has begun working on the seventh and final installment in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, ” A Dream of Spring.”

Reports indicate that Martin may even release the sixth and seventh “A Song of Ice and Fire” books together, possibly as a way to make up for all of the years fans had to wait to see the book series go back on track with the publication of “The Winds of Winter.”

Though Martin has been trying his best to deliver the missing book on time, the fantasy author admitted that he writes rather slowly, saying that while he does work at a snail’s pace, he was looking for quality in his compositions.

Martin’s assistant also defends the author’s writing style from frustrated fans in an interview with Winter is Coming.

“He’s clearly one of the top writers in the field,” Franck said of Martin, “but how you get to putting words on paper — sort of the pre-production process — he and I work very differently.”

Apparently, Martin is one of those writers who are “comfortable rewriting chapters over and over and over” in an attempt to aim for quality, which could be the most probable reason for the book’s delay.

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