Three Must Have Books For Your Personal Library

Book one – A journal

I cannot stress how beneficial keeping a journal of your day to day activities, thoughts, feeling and accomplishments would be in the improvement of your life and situation. Even strictly for self knowledge and identification of trends, the task of journaling will create awareness of patterns and open your eyes to bottlenecks in your life which you may be completely unaware of. A journal is a factual, as you see it account of your life from one day to the next. It can contain words, pictures, poems, whatever you deem necessary to accurately describe you day and life in a way that you prefer.

Anything worth doing is worth recording. Think about it as though you are looking through an old photo album. The second you see a picture it puts you back in that memory, even though prior to looking at the album you couldn’t even recall that memory. Keeping a journal allows you to look back at your development and see progress where you thought there was none. It allows you to tap into the lessons learned during times that were less then easy and it allows you to tap into powerful tools that you used to create special and fulfilling times in your life. Most importantly it allows you to see that you were able to deal with anything and everything that came your way. It allows you to see that you are a better person today because of the multitude of different experiences that you went through in your life.

How do you know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t keep a record? Do you think that we would have had any great scientific breakthroughs if the scientists didn’t keep a record of their results? We would still be using leaches to cure all diseases. Your life is as important as any science project…record your results…remove the ambiguity.

Book two – A dream book

A dream book is just that, all about your dreams. Much like your journal, it can contain words, pictures, poems, articles, whatever you desire to fulfill your desires. Unlike your journal, it is a complete fabrication of your reality. Your dream book should have sections in it for every aspect of your life, your relationships, your health and wellness, your financial position, your spiritual connection, your philanthropy, and so on. Take a picture of your dream home and photo-shop yourself into it mowing the lawn. Write yourself out a ten million dollar cheque and glue it in your book. Write a million dollar cheque out to your favorite charity (be careful not to accidentally mail it). List the attributes that your perfect mate would have, but do so as though he/she is already with you. This is a scrap book for your dreams, be creative, be bold and above all else be unrealistic.

Book three – A Fantasy Diary

Write “dear diary” entries under future dates that are in keeping with your dream life. Eg. (I rose at 8 am with a refreshing Caribbean breeze blowing into my bedroom. I walked out onto my veranda and gazed out over the ocean, my husband/wife/lover/friend was already at the pool enjoying a breakfast of tropical fruit. I prepared to join him/her. etc) You get what I mean. Think big. Anytime you get the urge to stop yourself because the fantasy is becoming in your opinion out of reach or too outlandish, stifle the urge and keep going. This is not a current factual diary; this is your fantasy diary. Look at it as if you are writing a novel about someone living your fantasy life. The only difference is that the main character is you.

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