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    Dave Bautista successfully transitioned from the WWE ring to the MCU.

    Dave Bautista successfully transitioned from the WWE ring to the MCU.Jordan Strauss/Associated Press

    With Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War lighting up the box office in 2018, superhero fatigue doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to setting in for the majority of the film-going public. 

    According to, the third installment of the Avengers series has already taken in upward of $1.7 billion at the worldwide box office, and it has only been in theaters since April 27. The same site reports the MCU has a worldwide gross of more than $16.5 billion. 

    This means Dave Bautista is part of the cast of one of the 10 highest-grossing movies of all time, according to IMDb, which is an accolade even The Rock doesn’t have on his extensive resume. 

    The former WWE champion is not the first pro wrestler to portray a character from the comics on the silver screen, but his role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and other MCU films is easily the most recognizable.

    It’s always fun to do a little fantasy casting for future superhero films, so this article will look at 15 pro wrestlers and the comic book characters they could play in future Marvel films. All Marvel characters will be considered, not just those Disney owns the rights to.

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    Adam Warlock has been teased in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during both Guardians of the Galaxy films, but he has yet to make an appearance, so casting is still up in the air.

    Warlock is an interesting character with some unique cosmic powers, but his look is what makes him memorable.

    Anyone who has seen him during his long-hair phase will agree Dolph Ziggler would be the only WWE Superstar who fits the bill. His blond may come from a bottle, but he has other qualities which make him a good fit.

    The Showoff has just as much ego and charisma as Warlock does in the comics, so maybe his friend, Batista, can give James Gunn a call about casting Ziggler in Guardians 3.

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    X-Men has a large roster of characters with rich backstories, but few are as interesting or important as Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix. 

    The Phoenix Force is an immortal entity, and it can even be argued Grey is the most powerful character in the Marvel universe thanks to her bond with it.

    Famke Janssen portrayed the role in three X-Men films, the first Wolverine solo movie and briefly in X-Men Days of Future Past, but if she ever comes to the MCU, Disney will have to find someone new.

    Out of all the women on the WWE roster, Becky Lynch is the closest to resembling the character with her bright reddish-orange hair and love of fire. 

    She might have to learn how to hide her Irish accent, but the writers could always give Grey the backstory of an Irish immigrant to make it work. The MCU changes small details about characters all the time, and nobody seems to mind.

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    If the X-Men joins the rest of the MCU, hundreds of heroes and villains will need to be cast. When the role of Juggernaut comes up, Brock Lesnar should go for it.

    Vinnie Jones was fine in the role, but X-Men: The Last Stand did not do the character justice. Jones had the height, but most of the physique we saw in the movie was CGI.

    Lesnar has the size and power to play this character with minimal special effects to make him look as massive as he needs to be.

    The Beast Incarnate has never expressed any interest in pursuing a career in Hollywood, but he is a businessman. If the right offer came in, there is a good chance he would take it.

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    The way Fox portrayed Galactus in Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer was nothing like the character fans of the comics have known and loved for more than 50 years.

    He is not some cloud monster. He is a cosmic being who loves the color purple and likes to eat planets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    A character with his kind of power needs to be played by someone who can be more physically imposing than the muscular actors playing superheroes in the MCU.

    Braun Strowman is not only intimidating, but he makes most men look tiny by comparison. Imagine seeing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, who is 5’7″, according to Celebrity Heights, standing next to The Monster Among Men. 

    He even has the perfect voice to play a planet-devouring cosmic entity. This not the kind of character who requires a Shakespearean-level actor to play him, so there would be no downside to casting Strowman in the role.

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    She-Hulk is a popular character in the comics, but there has been no attempt to portray her in a live-action movie.

    The great thing about Jennifer Walters is there wouldn’t be the need for as much CGI, as Disney is forced to use to make Mark Ruffalo into The Hulk.

    She-Hulk is much closer in size to a muscular woman, so all the casting agents would need to find is someone with the right physique to play the part.

    Not only is Dana Brooke an accomplished bodybuilder with the right look, but she is also a gymnast who could make the fight scenes more entertaining with her agility.

    Brooke is a little on the short side, but her muscular build makes her one of the more intimidating women on the WWE roster despite the fact she is being booked as a statistician for Titus Worldwide. 

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    Union Jack is a character who might not be as well-known as Thor and Captain America, but if Marvel can make a talking raccoon and sentient tree work, a British Spy should be a piece of cake.

    Jack Gallagher is British and has the same name as Union Jack, but those are not the only reasons why he would work in this role.

    He is also a gifted athlete who can tackle the physical aspects of being a superhero in the movies, and his stature would give him an underdog quality the crowd can get behind.

    The alias has been used by three different characters in the comics, so Gallagher could portray whichever one best matches his personality.

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    The Silver Surfer was voiced by Laurence Fishburne, but his physical portrayal in the Fantastic 4 sequel was done by Doug Jones.

    The character is incredibly interesting, but he is basically a shiny bald guy with a surfboard. Finding someone to play him is not going to be difficult.

    As far as the baldness and physique are concerned, Cesaro is a perfect match. He is tall, but he won’t tower over his co-stars. He is muscular, but he isn’t an Arnold Schwarzenegger-sized bodybuilder.

    Cesaro’s voice would likely be dubbed because of his thick accent, and WWE has another great candidate for that role in Big Show. He has the deep voice needed to play someone with as much power as Norrin Radd.

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    Developing Moon Knight for a live-action film is going to be a challenge, but with other unconventional characters like Deadpool and Drax being received so well, it’s a possibility.

    Moon Knight is a vigilante whose real name is Marc Spector. His history is somewhat complicated, but it involves his possession by an Egyptian god named Khonshu. Since Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the moon, Spector’s new-found powers only work under the glow of the moonlight. 

    Having another mind inside his head affected Spector, and Matt Hardy’s experience with the Seven Deities and purging Bray Wyatt of Sister Abigail make him a great choice for the role.

    Spector was a boxer before joining the military, but that could easily be changed to make him a wrestler so Hardy can show off his skills in a flashback scene.

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    Milana Vayntrub has been cast to play Squirrel Girl in a live-action series based on The New Warriors, according to Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter, but the show has yet to land a network.

    If this ends up falling through, Marvel may decide to use her in one of its movies. The character was started as a joke, but she quickly became one of the most endearing superheroes of all Marvel’s comics.

    Her upbeat personality and friendly demeanor should be portrayed by someone who has those traits in real life, and nobody fits this description better than Bayley.

    The Hugger remains popular despite uneven booking from management. She has the likability needed to play Squirrel Girl and the athleticism to embody one of Marvel’s most unconventional and beloved characters. 

    If the MCU can make Ant-Man into a hit, it can do the same thing for a girl whose main power is the ability to communicate with squirrels.

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    Blade was brought to life by Wesley Snipes in the movies 20 years before Chadwick Boseman headlined his own superhero movie as Black Panther.

    He broke new ground for black superheroes and proved they could lead a franchise, but Snipes might be a little long in the tooth to play the vampire hunter anymore.

    He is still in great shape, but Disney would likely want to cast someone who could play the role for 10 more years if it decided to bring him into the MCU or give him his own separate movie.

    The WWE roster has several Superstars who could play Blade, but Bobby Lashley is the best option because of his size and power.

    His MMA and wrestling training would make filming the fight scenes much easier than it would be with an untrained actor. He may already be 41, but he looks 10 years younger, so he could play the character for at least a decade.

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    Namor The Submariner predates Aquaman by two years, but he isn’t as recognizable as the DC Comics character.

    He is more antihero than good guy, so he has come into conflict with several Marvel heroes over the years. If a WWE Superstar is going to play him, it has to be somebody who could play a hero or villain without changing anything about their character.

    Dean Ambrose would be a great Namor because his gimmick didn’t need to be changed when he went from heel to babyface. All he did was start focusing his attacks on bad guys.

    Ambrose is also one of the only WWE Superstars other than John Cena and The Miz to have starred in his own movie. He was the lead in 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown, so he already has some experience as an actor to give him a leg up over his fellow wrestlers.

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    This selection comes courtesy of @OrieMG on Twitter. 

    Finn Balor hasn’t used his Demon King entrance in quite some time, but the look he has used since his days in NXT has drawn comparisons to Marvel character Venom.

    Tom Hardy will play Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom film, and if it’s a success, it may spawn its own franchise. If that happens, Carnage needs to be included at some point.

    As another spawn of the same alien symbiote used to create Venom, Carnage is a dangerous character with a demonic look and an interesting array of powers.

    Balor could easily transform into the villain for a Venom or Spider-Man sequel thanks to his athletic build and Hollywood good looks.

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    Lady Deadpool may not have the mainstream recognition of her male counterpart, but it would be hilarious to see a female version of the character interact with Ryan Reynolds in the movies, even for one scene.

    Her history is somewhat complicated, as she hails from Earth-3010 in the comics, which is an alternate reality version of the planet we most associate with our favorite comic book characters.

    Like the male Deadpool, two of Lady Deadpool’s trademarks are her offbeat sense of humor and deteriorating mental condition as a result of the experiments she underwent to bring her powers to the surface.

    The only woman on the roster who could pull off this state of mind would be Alicia Fox. We have seen her fly off the handle numerous times, and she always makes it funny.

    Foxy has the look, athleticism and wacky personality to be perfect for a role like this, but the character of Lady Deadpool may be too obscure to be featured in a live-action film.

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    This selection comes courtesy of @EricDexVee on Twitter, and seeing as how he also recommended Bayley for Squirrel Girl, he clearly has a good eye for these things.

    During the Cold War, Marvel and other comic book publishers came up with several Russian villains, and one of them was Kraven the Hunter.

    Unlike most supervillains, his goal is not world domination. He simply wants to hunt Spider-Man to prove he is the greatest hunter in the world.

    Rusev would be a great choice to play Kraven on film because he can already do a Russian accent, and his size fits most portrayals of the characters in the comics.

    Kraven takes a potion to give himself superhuman abilities, but Rusev is already talented enough to have earned himself the nickname The Super Athlete.

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    When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was first getting going, one of the people many WWE fans thought should portray Thor was Triple H.

    Chris Hemsworth is doing an amazing job as The God of Thunder, but there is no denying Trips would have made an awesome Thor.

    At the time, Triple H still had his long hair and was renowned for using a sledgehammer in many of his matches. He basically had his own Mjolnir before the movies were even in development.

    Since he can’t play Thor anymore, Beta Ray Bill is the next best option. Not only is he a hugely popular character from the comics, but he also wields his own special hammer forged by Odin.

    Triple H might not be keen on the idea of playing a guy with a horse head, but it would be so satisfying to see him get the chance to fight Thor just one time.

    The fact Trips has already appeared in a Marvel movie as a vampire in Blade: Trinity is just icing on the cake.


    Which WWE Superstars would you like to portray Marvel characters in future films?

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