Vision Board or Book Party Tips and Ideas

In this video I share how I put together my vision book for 2015!!! Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have below! Enjoy!!!!
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34 replies
  1. Veri Keri
    Veri Keri says:

    OMG!!! I absolutely loooooooove this.  It seems like you were talking directly to ME when you were reading the captions at the beginning of each section.  Oh we share so many of the same thoughts…..but you just know how to lyrically put those thoughts to paper.  I am so going to make me a vision book also, and I will be using some, if not all of those captions…..and a picture of you will be in my INSPIRE me section 🙂  Thanks so so much for sharing this!!

  2. cookiemix67
    cookiemix67 says:

    Great idea, I love it. I got a little discouraged and kinda down 2014 so many things bombarded me it really was overwhelming between moving from Germany, major surgery, school, work I can go on and on…..I lost sight of my vision and following the path God has paved before me to bring that vision to fruition. This I believe will organize my thoughts, ideas and bring me closer to my goals…..if I don't invest and believe in myself who will right? Gurl I have such an appreciation for your creativity and how you've just encouraged me. I also love me some Keri and Denise and I'm nuts about you. Would love for a Soirée Diva get together….after all most of us Soirée Divas live down South. Blessings friends.

  3. Deka Dhaness
    Deka Dhaness says:

    Your vision book is very beautiful.  I like how you broke it down into sections with an inspiring quote.  I did a vision board but I found that I ran out of space for all the quotes!  Please tell those people who abuse your kindness that kindness is not a weakness.  Take care and thanks for sharing.

  4. A Melvin
    A Melvin says:

    I think a book for vision board is a great idea. I did some on my computer, but is not so easy and fast to get to it, so I think a book placed somewhere on the desk within a very easy reach is a great idea

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