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Elaine Pillay shows off her book.

Inspired from a young age to one day see her name on a book, former Isipingo resident, Elaine Pillay fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an author and having her first book entitled, ‘Zwai and the Little Creature’ published.

Pillay, who currently resides in Johannesburg, had always dreamed of becoming an author, but her father had insisted that she get a ‘real’ job as he felt she needed to take care of herself. So she also studied to become a teacher, but her passion for writing never faded.

“I studied teaching as I thought the holidays would help me pursue my dream and afford me the time to write, however I relocated to Johannesburg as I had obtained a job as an English teacher. The passion for writing never subsided and I was inspired when I was teaching at a school for underprivileged children and noticed there were so few African fantasy storiee, that id when I began writing my first book.

“My book is about a boy who lives in a rural area with his grandparents. He meets a magical creature that nobody else can see. Out of fear, the villagers banish him from the village and he is sent back to his mother. On the journey to his mother he goes on an African Adventure where he meets magical African creatures. It is an exciting book for all to read. When I write I escape to another world which is filled with excitement and happiness and I want the readers to feel that they too are on a magical journey,” she added.

Pillay is also an avid reader, with James Patterson being her favourite author. She also enjoys reading books by Robin Sharma and Dr Demartini.

Pillay said in order to be an author you need to be patient as getting published could take years, disciplined as writing requires a lot of personal sacrifices, have faith in yourself because many times people around you may not have faith in you and never say die attitude as it’s the only thing that will keep you going.

“Never give up no matter what your circumstances. If you have the will to do something, you will find a way. Also never be discouraged by rejections from publishing companies, If a publisher won’t publish your book then self-publish.”

The dynamic woman who hopes to become a full time writer in future also enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, window shopping as well as spending ime wither husband and two dogs in her spare time. If you would like to get to know Elaine Pillay, contact her on twitter @ela_writes or facebook as Elaine Pillay Stevens.


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