Woman says WOW airlines ruined her dream trip to Paris

ST. LOUIS – It’s one of the latest airlines to land in St. Louis Lambert airport.

WOW air is known for it’s cheap, no-frills flights to Europe, but some Wow customers are warning if you book with this discount airline you’ll get what you pay for.

“I was excited to go to Paris. It was one place I said i’d like to go,” said Valerie Bourrage of St. Louis.

She began planning her trip to Paris a year ago and booked with WOW air and felt good about it.
“It was a very good deal,” said Bourrage. It was early June and Bourrage says everything was fine until she got to her first lay over in France.

“When we got to Lyon, my cousin got a text message saying your flight was over booked to Paris and you have to get on a bus,” said Bourrage.

After a six hour bus ride, Bourrage arrived in Paris at 2 a.m. She says by then, the hotel gave her room away and she realized something else was now missing. “I was in Paris the whole time with no luggage,” said Bourrage.

WOW air had no idea where her luggage was, but Bourrage kept calling them for answers.

“All the phone calls were international. So I run up my cell phone bill making international calls. I was a little down and depressed about it,” said Bourrage.

Somehow, she managed to salvage the rest of the trip.

She’s been back home for two weeks now but she still hasn’t been reunited with her luggage.
“Still no luggage. I’ve been making phone calls. I’ve sent several emails, several claims. Still nothing,” said Bourrage.

The 5 On Your Side I-Team found dozens of similar complaints of WOW air losing baggage for weeks at a time. Most complaints are documented on travel sites like Trip Advisor.

Bourrage doesn’t know if she’ll ever get her belongings back, but she says she wants to warn others who are putting their travel dreams in the airlines hands.

“They were so unorganized and even one of the workers there said ‘Well this is a low budget airline’. i never want to fly with them again,” said Bourrage.

Bourrage says she had about $3,000 worth of stuff in her luggage.

After we reached out, a spokesperson for WOW air told 5 On Your Side they’re stepping up their efforts to track down Bourrage’s luggage.

In cases of over-bookings they also say they always try to reroute passengers or offer refunds.

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