Writers Write

So you say you are a writer. Writing is your lifelong dream.

Don’t let anyone fool you – following a dream is for those who are encouraged by little things in life. Staying on course is for those who are boosted up by teeny weeny signs of success.

Or, no signs at all.

Following a dream is not for the faint hearted. It is not for the easily discouraged.

Writing is a dream path like that. It is hard at times to go to that blank sheet of paper and crank out words from the ethers of your brain. Creating fictional characters and places and things from seemingly nowhere.

Where were they a moment ago and how do you keep finding them?

And, if you are a commercial writer, it is hard to stare at technical and trade-specific jargon in one more research study and decipher and translate it into recognizable words that can be read without a dictionary in a self-help magazine. It is after all, your job to make the writing useful, not send the reader back to school.

Will you be able to stand one more assignment on a subject like the mating ritual of the tse tse fly and how their larvae hatch?

Hopefully your answer to the first question was something like ‘I don’t care’ and your answer to the second was something calm and affirming like, ‘Yes’.

Because, you see, a writer writes.

It almost does not matter what the topic is, a real writer will write it.

Sure, there will be ideas and suggestions that cook your goose, boil your egg, (insert your own metaphor here) much more than others, but for writers who love to write it is a physical as well as a mental labor of love.

In other words, a writer writes because it feels… good.

Write daily, write well.

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